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Welcome to KINGSIZE

Kingsize Big and Tall commenced business in 1972 (Don and Jen Blair) with the opening of their first Extra Large size store in Inglewood Western Australia after Don retired from the Australian Army. 

The business since this time has gone from strength to strength and now has a national chain of 10 stores stretching across Australia from Queensland (1984) and Victoria (1975) to Western Australia (1972) and one store in Canberra ACT.

Over this period Kingsize Big and Tall have developed a comprehensive array of skills and knowledge into this unique market segment of extra large and extra Tall sizes.

This experience and knowledge has been one of the major contributing factors to the success of this business over the years. There is more to the Big and Tall oversize market than just increasing the number of X’s on a shirt or centimetres on the waist.

Now we wish to offer this excellent to New Zealand.

Being a family owned company the principals of superior service and product knowledge are ingrained in the Kingsize Big and Tall system and have assisted the company in achieving an excellent regular loyal customer base.

Kingsize Big and Tall have made a conscious effort to stock younger mens styles and to change the perception about Big and Tall stores. Kingsize stock large sizes in labels such as Nautica, Blazer, Canterbury, Studio Italia, Rembrandt, Ganton, Tommy Hilfiger, Gaz man, Ben Sherman, Daniel Hecther and R.M.Williams with an emphasis on young contemporary fashion trends. All of these labels above were 1st introduced by Kingsize Big & Tall. As a backhanded compliment, our competitors have since followed our lead. That's fine by us.

Kingsize Big and Tall created a website in 1996 and were one of the first menswear companies (of any description) to offer products online over the Internet. The website is a handy way for both our potential customers and current competitors to check what large mens labels we carry and the prices we offer, without the need for them to actually come into the store and have a look around . Some of our staff have worked with us for over 19 years years now and have an extensive understanding of the complexities of the Extra large sizes, Big and Tall Market.

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