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Which size should I choose?

All products are sold by the international sizing scheme used by the designer/brand.
To convert this to your usual size, simply click on the 'size conversion chart' link which
you will find on every product page.

We have added a further button whereby you can check the comparisions between


We understand that this is the most confronting task of buying online.
We have worked very hard on trying to develop a method to ascertain a garments true
size (by measuring the actual chest underarm to underarm) of the garments.
This system sets Kingsize Big & Tall apart from all other retailers around the world.

How to measure yourself  
You'll need a partner to do this....this could be fun!!!!!
Neck - Measure by allowing a finger width of room
Chest - Measure loosely around the broadest part of the chest
Waist - Measure tightly around the waist , where you wear your trousers
Hips - Measure around the seat (bum) and top of thighs , firmly measure
Sleeve - Measure from the centre back (under the collar) to shoulder point then to wrist/cuff
Leg Measure from the crutch to the cuff of the trouser (inside leg)
Here we are assuming you have an accurate cloth measuring tape. If you do not have one of these then you may purchase them from any haberdashery or fabric store. They are relatively inexpensive and can be used for many different things later on !
The most accurate way of measuring is to take garments that fit well...lay them out and then measure them.
You can then either email the results to us at or look at the Brand specification chart above and make a decision on your size.
On the chart above we have laid shirt different brands out flat and measured the chest.