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Suit Sizing

All suits are sized by chest and length / fit measurement.

The number at the start indicates your chest size
ie. a 147R size suit will have a 147cm chest.

It is important to measure the widest part of your body to determine the correct jacket size to pick. You may have a 147cm chest, but if you have a 160cm tummy, the suit will not be able to be buttoned up if you order a 147!

With the exception of Stout (ST) suits, all trousers will have approximately a 12cm drop in trouser size.
ie. A 147R suit will come with approximately 135cm waist trousers.

Stout suits will have the same waist size trousers as jacket size.
ie. A 147ST suit will have 147cm trousers.

The letters following the suit size indicate the fit / length.

R = Regular – Regular length, suitable for most men between 5'10” and 6'2”. Pants will have approx. 12cm drop.

SH = Short – Short length, suitable for most men 5'10” and smaller. Pants will have approx. 12cm drop.

ST = Stout – Stout Fit, suitable for men with same size chest as pants

XL = Extra Long or tall fit – Suitable for most men over 6'2”. Pants with approx. 12cm drop.

If you are unsure of sizing we strongly recommend giving us a call and we can assist you through the process.